Because I was a horribly ill-behaved child, I found myself shipped from San Francisco to Moss Point, Mississippi in August 1969.  My mother’s plan was that I’d spend my junior year in high school there and live with my schoolteacher aunt, Annie Mae Randall, who was somewhat affectionally known as the “kid breaker”. […]

Years after he stepped down from his Presidency, William Jefferson Clinton acknowledged that he should have intervened in the conflict in Rwanda. Hundreds of thousands perished from the genocide that shaped the country. In his zeal for international peace President Clinton intervened in Ireland, the Middle East and Bosnia. […]

During 2013, the US economy experienced a reasonable level of growth. The 3.4 percent growth rate in the second half of 2013 represented a solid growth rate, not enough to trickle down to those who live at the periphery of the economy. Those with low or stagnant  [...]

Donald Sterling, the non-suspended owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, engineered his own demise by making a series of repugnant statements about African Americans and other people of color. The comments were recorded by his girlfriend then “leaked” to and distributed by TMZ […]

The Roberts Supreme Court decided, this week, that the state of Michigan had the right to vote against affirmative action policies in college admissions. Michigan State is one of many - where mediocre white students challenge the fact that African American students, far more qualified than they are, have been admitted to college. This has happened in Texas and California, among other states […]

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