November 26, 2018

            I have had about enough of some white women!  First, fifty-three percent of them vote for an odious genital-grabber.  Then, they organize a woman's march with momentum from the #MeToo movement, founded by Tarana Burke, but co-opted by white women like the wanna-be activist Alyssa Milano who was a mediocre actress back in the day.  Then, bunches of them support Roy Moore, an Alabama pedophile who would be Senator.  Then the majority of them vote against progressive candidates like Georgia's Stacy Abrams and Florida's Andrew Gillum.  Meanwhile, the four women who lead the Women's Mar...

November 12, 2018

            A cursory look at the win-loss column after last week's mid-term elections suggests that nobody left the table empty-handed.  Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives, Republican's expanded their control of the Senate, hundreds of state legislative seats flipped from Democratic to Republican, and Democrats gained gubernatorial, Attorney General, and other key positions. But both democracy and the truth took a hit during the midterms, when the President of the United States obfuscated, prevaricated, and just plain lied every chance he got.  And then he had the nerve...

November 5, 2018

            As strange as it seems, I now view the Bush years with nostalgia.  Both Big Bush (POTUS 41) and his son Shrub (POTUS 43) incurred the ire of Democrats, with Shrubs Supreme Court-complicit theft of the 2000 election prompting anger and protests.  Both Bushes, perhaps because of their love of country, comported themselves as gentlemen despite the protests.   In the face of Democratic anger, they exuded civility.  And why not?  Each won his election, each loved the country, neither had to be mean or hateful to Democrats, people of color, immigrants, Jewish people, the GBLTQ community...

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May 6, 2015

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