April 23, 2018

            The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is supposed to “protect” consumers from fraud and predatory lending.  But since 45 has ruled the roost, he has empowered exploiters to extract too much money from consumers.  And he has exposed himself to implicit bribes, which is why the Consumer Financial Services Association of America was meeting at the Trump National Doral Golf Club from Tuesday April 17 to Thursday April 19, 2018.  The payday lenders, who describe themselves as the “small dollar credit industry, offer loans at an annualized interest rate of as high as 600 percent, have...

April 16, 2018

The rats are leaping off the sinking ship! Paul Ryan says he wants to spend more time with his teenagers, but he likely also doesn't want to be part of the losses Republicans are likely to experience in November (unless the Dems mess up, which is not impossible). By April 13, there were 41 Republicans who said they would not run for re-election, for varying reasons or no reason at all.  Ryan’s citing of personal reasons seems disingenuous.  Most teens aren’t clamoring for more daddy time.  Many of them hardly speak to their parents.

Ryan says he will serve out his term, and serve out...

April 9, 2018

The Fair Housing Act was passed a week after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  President Lyndon Johnson encouraged Congress to pass the legislation as a tribute to the slain civil rights ladder, who, along with several civil rights organizations (including the NAACP), strongly supported the act.  African American veteran’s organizations (including the American GI Forum) were especially passionate about the legislation, especially since Vietnam veterans were among those experiencing severe housing discrimination.  Senator Ed Brooke (R-MA), the only African American in the Senate at...

April 2, 2018

Hattie Carroll (1911-1963) was a 51-year-old restaurant server who was murdered by a white aristocrat, the 24-year-old William Devereux Zantzinger (1939-2009) who struck her with a cane because she took to long to serve him a drink.  The site was the old Emerson Hotel in Baltimore, at an event, The Spinsters’ Ball.  Zantzinger’s crime was minimized, and he got a scant six months in jail (not prison) for killing a woman, the mother of at least 9 children, who was more than twice his age, and with just a fraction of his power.

 Bob Dylan popularized the murder of Hattie Carroll in a folk son...

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