Black people occupy a place between hope and despair. We hope our nation will keep its promises – that all people are created equal, that justice is both blind and fair, that truth matters, that there is integrity. We struggle against the imperfections, the racism that is baked in the cake called the United States. We fight to rectify historical wrongs, we pass laws to soften the sting of predatory capitalism. But we despair when we continue to see police killings of unarmed Black people when we tolerate a "leader" who would prefer a lie to the truth when more than 200,000 have died from COVID, and the "leader" won't bother to wear a mask. No wonder that Breonna Taylor's mother, Tamika Palme


By Julianne Malveaux I always smile when I see Black Lives Matter T-Shirts until I saw one gracing the grubby back of a white man who had on both a BLM T-Shirt and a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat.  I started to either take a photo or start a conversation because I knew somebody would accuse me of making the combination up.  Instead, I wondered where the man got the shirt/hat combo.  Was he homeless and got the combo at a shelter?  Was he visually impaired and didn't understand the contradiction?  Without starting a conversation, I was left to my imagination.  It had me thinking about the production and distribution of BLM wearables and the profit stream they may be creating. You can fi


On the Friday before Labor Day, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly report, The Employment Situation. It reported good news – the unemployment rate dropped to 8..4 percent, higher than in February before the pandemic hit. We added 1.4 million jobs last month, the highest gain since the corona recession began. But while this is progress, it is no cause for celebration. The Black unemployment rate remains double-digit and has not dropped as rapidly as either the overall rate or the white rate, 7.3 percent. Eleven million fewer people held jobs in August than in March. And the "rebound" is not spread evenly across populations. The top 10 percent have already recovered. T

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