Congressman John Robert Lewis was just 17 when he reached out to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a letter conveying his desire to attend all-white Troy State College (now Troy State University) that was just ten miles from his home. Lewis submitted an application but never heard from the college, and hoped King would help. Instead, he went to Fisk University. Later, Dr. King reached out to him and invited him to visit Montgomery during spring. That was the beginning of John Lewis's relationship with King and his 60 plus ms year commitment to the civil rights movement. Congressman Lewis, who died on July 17, exemplified so many things. Commitment. Resilience. Humility. Goodwill. Goo


Nero, the Roman Emperor who legendarily fiddled while Rome burned is a symbol for an irresponsible, ineffective, and callous leader who shows indifference to people in crisis. The great Rome fire took place in the first century AD. The fiddle wasn't invented until the eleventh century, so it is unlikely that the hedonistic emperor played the fiddle while his city was burning. More likely, he was engaged in some trivial or sybaritic act, regardless of the crisis. Our 45th President puts Nero to shame. Our country is burning, with COVID cases rising, racial tensions rising. The President is pouring fuel on an already-flaming fire with his callous indifference, ineffective leadership, and


At least six Black children were killed during the Fourth of You Lie weekend. They weren’t doing anything wrong, just attending a community picnic, or going to visit a grandmother, or riding in a car with her mom. One of the children, Secoriea Turner, 8, was an Atlantan, and the day after the killing, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, emotionally addressed the killers, “You shot and killed a baby,” she said. “This random wild, wild West, shoot 'em up because you can, it has got to stop. It has to stop.” She went on to say, “Enough is enough. You can't blame this on a police officer. You can't say this is about criminal justice reform. This is about some people carrying weapons who shot up a car


The June Employment Situation report, released on July 2, showed a continued decline in the unemployment rate. Thanks to coronavirus, the rate shot up to 14.7 percent in April and declined to 11.1 percent in June. About 4.8 million more people were on payrolls in June than in May. Just about every sector of the economy saw job gains, including the troubled leisure and hospitality industries. The Council of Economic Advisors says this employment report “shatters expectations". It represents progress in the recovery from the corona-generated recession, but I'm not sure what expectations have been shattered. This administration has been bragging about economic strength even when there was

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