Our nation, these United States, are founded on the principles of racism and patriarchy. They are reflected in our very constitution, where enslaved persons were counted as a fraction of a person, and only men of property were allowed the right to vote. The filthy inequality at the foundation of this nation has now bubbled up and boiled over, now polluting every aspect of our lives. Patriarchy places men at the center of life, and women at the periphery. It suggests that women do not matter. It allows for the subjugation of women when they attempt to enter public spaces that have previously been earmarked as “male” spaces. Thus, there were no restrooms for women legislators in the US Ho


Even her boss, the 45th President of the United States, is derisive of Education Secretary Betsy DeVoid, the Devos woman who is devoid, absent, of good sense. She may have even been placed in her position as payback for whatever support her wealthy family provided to the certified public liar of a leader. Education Secretary Betsy DeVoid has used her position to elevate her family’s economic advantage, and she has used her position to punish students whose interests are contrary to her own. She is a prime example of miseducation, and her tenure has been an attack on students. Let me count the ways: DeVoid has lifted the for-profit college that President Barack Obama attempted to regulate


Senators Corey Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D_CA) used their time wisely in their questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kaveaugh, the elusive man whose hidden documents would perhaps disqualify him from the court. Both (along with Senator Dianne Feinstein and others) raised important points in grilling Kavenaugh, and Booker went on a limb to defy Senate protocol and release so-called confidential emails from Kavenaugh. He earned a warning from one of his colleagues, and praise from embattled Democrats who are likely to lose the fight to keep Kavenaugh off the court because the numbers just don’t add up. Harris also pushed Kavenaugh hard, and left him speechless when she asked him


The economy is doing well, crows the Pugilist-in-Chief, complaining that he doesn't get enough credit for the things that he has done to "make America great again." Every time a positive number is released, he brags like a banty rooster. GDP growth higher than expected? He did it. Unemployment rate down, he did that, too. He has little to say about the fact that wages remain stagnant, and he has dared to scold the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank about increasing interest rates, which is a reasonable strategy during economic expansion. So if the economy is doing so well, why has the President declared that federal workers will not get the 2.1 percent pay increase budgeted for them f

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