One cannot help but be riveted by the outstanding response from the young survivors of the carnage at in Parkland, Florida, and their absolute audacity in confronting both Florida legislators and the President with their frustration at the absence of common sense gun control. During a CNN Town Hall, student Cameron Kasky asked Senator Marco Rubio whether he would continue to take money from the National Rifle Association, the organization students have focused on as one of the reason there are no common sense gun laws. Rubio said he would continue to take money from the NRA (they own a $3 million slice of his hide), but that he would agree to change laws so no one under 21 could purchase a


Marion Barry, Jr. was the longest-serving mayor of Washington, D.C. The people and the pundits of DC gave him the moniker “Mayor for Life” because, after holding the Mayor’s office from 1979 through 1992, he left politics because of his personal challenges. Then he made an amazing comeback, to regain the mayoralty in 1995. Then, after another break from politics, he was elected to the Ward 8 City Council, serving from 2005 until his death in 2014. Marion Barry served on the DC City Council for a total of 16 years, including his early years on the council from 1974-1978. Dr. Maya Angelou best described Marion Barry’s road with a comment that is carved into his tombstone. “Marion change


Our 45th President wants a parade. He wants it in November, probably before the mid-term elections, as a way of mobilizing his base and glorifying himself more than, as he suggests, celebrating the military. He wants the parade because he saw a parade in Paris on Bastille Day. If he went to the zoo, would he next want zebras and tigers roaming the lawn behind 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The last parade we had in Washington was in 1991, when we “won” the Gulf War. That parade cost $14 million ($21 million in today’s dollars), and drew 800,000 people. Given 45’s propensity for wanting the biggest and the huuuugest, he’d probably want to spend twice what George H.W. Bush spent in 1991. That


Every year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History selects a theme for Black History Month. This year, the theme, African Americans in Times of War, is meant to commemorate the end of World War I, the war that supposedly made the world “safe for democracy”. It is a war that African Americans fought for the right to fight in, a war that saw African Americans go abroad to fight for democracy, only to come home and be oppressed by segregation. Undoubtedly, there will be many programs designed to lift up this theme, which ASALH sees as an opportunity to reflect on the African American role in all wars, including the contemporary “war on terrorism”. What will you d

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