In the dead of night on October 24, Vice President Mike Pence struck a blow against consumers, further empowering the banks and financial institutions that he is beholden to. He is, no doubt, following the direction of 45, who never met an Obama initiative that he didn’t want to overturn, or an Obama program that he didn’t want to abolish. What happened? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a rule that would allow individuals to sue banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions. It gave people the right to sue in class action lawsuits, and effectively overturned the fine print you find in your credit card bill, fine print that says that if you use that partic


I never thought I would miss our 43d President, George W. Bush. And I’ve never much thought of him as a great, or even good, speaker. But the speech he gave at a conference convened by the George W. Bush Institute was simply eloquent, excellent, thoughtful, and compelling. After keeping a low profile for the past eight years, he spoke up to decry the fact that “bigotry seems emboldened”. “Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry, and compromises the moral education of children”. Why did George W. Bush choose to speak so forcefully, in a speech that did not mention 45 but was at least partly directed to him? Perhaps it wa


While white men are beating black men on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, while a lone white wolf is shooting people from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, while the word “terrorist” is hardly used to describe these men, the FBI, under the leadership of the racist Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions, is thinking up a new way to oppress Black people. Despite the fact that there is no evidence of a “movement”, the FBI has described a group of black people as “black identity extremists” who pose a domestic terrorist threat to police officers. (https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4067711/BIE-Redacted.pdf) Hold up! We have seen domestic terror threats, though there are those of limi


Remember that song by both the Supremes and the Four Tops – wake me when it’s over? The singers felt like they were having a bad dream – their partners were about to leave them for “the love of a stranger”, and all they wanted to do was be awakened at the end. Unfortunately, we have no such luck. We seem to be consigned to live through this. Some of my Republican friends will think my lament smacks of partisanship, but I remember being disturbed by Ronald Reagan’s election and his attacks on poor people, but never seeing him hurl paper towels at American citizens seeking help after a disastrous hurricane. I remember shaking my head at George H.W. Bush’s antics, but admitting that he, tho


I am not sure why the “National Anthem” and the so-called American flag are part of our nation’s sports pageantry. Before 2009, while the National Anthem was played, sports gladiators were not required to suit up, stand up, and put their hands to their hearts and why should they? The song that is sung is an insult to people of color. When I hear “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, I think, “the land of the thief and the home of the slave”. The National Football League, paid by the Department of Defense (seriously?) has paid for a fake cultural hegemony, for the notion that we are all on the same page. How could we be on the same page? How could the men who have been haul

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