My grandmother, and yours, too probably, used to say that things done in the dark would eventually come to light. There is way too much “dark” public policy being done by this administration, too many instances when whispers and innuendo are substitutes for truth and transparency. If 45 wonders why there are so many leaks from the Oval Office, perhaps he ought to consider more transparency. Instead, he veers in the other direction, with lies and secrets. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary did a good job of playing bait-and-switch at the meeting of Thursday, June 22. Sanders could not answer questions clearly, especially about 45’s Twitter assertion that


There is the adage that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and I fear it is the adage that may define the ways too many observers have filtered the 45 administration through a skewed lens. There has been much commentary about 45’s twisted tweets, his threats to fire special counsel and former FBI chief Robert Mueller, and his general shenanigans. There has been much less focus on the way his appointees have quietly changed the rules of engagement for too many citizens. Just last week, according to the Washington Post, the US Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia said that the Federal Communications Commission exceeded its authority when it capped the cost of phone calls made by prison


Courtesy flew out of the window in Washington parlance a long time ago. The minute a deranged Congressman stood up and hollered, “you lie” at a sitting President (this was South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yelling at President Barack Obama), we knew that courtesy had taken a vacation. Courtesy took more than a time out when we had a Presidential candidate bragging about grabbing p***y and calling our Mexican American brothers and sisters rapists. Courtesy was even more far gone when 45 attacked Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis (D-GA) because of a disagreement. But courtesy was really kicked to the curb when Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) had the audacity to scold his


When he was running for President, 45 asked African Americans what we had to lose by electing him. Embracing the most dystopian view of the African American community, he attacked our schools, our streets, crime rates, and unemployment and suggested that we were so far down that electing him could only improve things. Curiously, he never talked about racism when he talked about the status of African Americans. He never spoke of hate crimes, police killings, or racist symbols like Confederate flags and Confederate statues. He never denounced some of his most racist supporters, including Klucker David Duke and alt-right leader Richard Spencer. He just asked what Black folks had to lose b

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