Kanye West is melting down. He didn’t perform to expectations at two concert dates, declaring, at one, that he would have voted for Donald Trump for President, and generating boos for his statement. In a subsequent concert he performed just a couple of songs, and abruptly ended a performance that should have lasted at least an hour. A couple of days later, he was hospitalized in a “psychiatric hold”. Some say he is simply exhausted, sleep-deprived and stressed. Some say it is more. His mother, Dr. Donda West, died in November 2007. Nine years later, is he especially vulnerable to outbursts and erratic behavior on that anniversary? In any case, even as many of us have admired Kanye We


The apprehension that I felt upon Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election has only increased as he has announced the appointments of his chief of staff, strategist, and cabinet members. As of this writing, he has mainly announced the selection of older white men, including the racist Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions, to lead the Justice Department. The senator’s use of highly inflammatory racial rhetoric (including describing the NAACP as an “un-American” organization, and expressing support for the KKK) prevented his confirmation to the US District Court in 1986. Now, he will be charged with law enforcement in our nation. Equally troubling has been the selection of Stephen Bann


I began election night with exuberance. I was among the many who forecast a Hillary win. The only disagreement among my circle was how big the Hillary rout would be. I thought she’d get at least 300 electoral votes, and hoped that she’d thump Trump by getting as many as 340, holding him to less than 200 votes. The tables were turned and Trump was the one doing the thumping, with the electoral vote count estimated to be 306-232 (at this writing, final counts were not in). Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, garnering around 400,000 more votes than Donald Trump. White folks won the day for Trump in an amazing showing of white solidarity. Trump took 58 percent of the white vo


Just a few days before the corrosive 2016 election, it occurs to me that no matter what the outcome, our social fabric has been shredded by the ugliness of this campaign. Sure, there have been ugly campaigns before, but this one has revealed the extent to which racism and sexism are acceptable features of life in these United States. Women, including Hillary Clinton, have been routinely disparaged, not only in politics, but also in their roles as television talking heads and anchors. While I’m not weeping for Megyn Kelley (she’s a big girl, and she can take care of herself), her on-air collision with Newt Gingrich was classic, with a jowly male bully loudly talking over a television host


I’m writing two weeks before the November 8 election, writing and praying that Election Day comes sooner than it is supposed to. I did my early vote thing so that I could, if necessary, drop into battleground states like Virginia, North Carolina or Florida to do my bit to get out the vote. And I’m hoping that voters will do the right thing and elect Hillary Clinton, but as I wrote I know that there is the possibility (not probability) that Mr. Chump will prevail. No matter who wins this election, governing will not be a cakewalk. Republicans in Congress have pledged to initiate investigations of Secretary Clinton, matters that have already been thoroughly investigated. They want to know

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